Lime Products

calcium carbonate

High quality
calcium carbonate

High grade lime stone with more than 99% CaCo3 concentration. It is extracted from our own quarry with different sizes could be obtained after crushing and milling, ranging from 5 microns (2500 3000 mesh) up to 3mm size. It will be introduced and used in the following industries:


a. paints

B. fertilizers

C. Construction

D. Paper

E. Sugar refinery

F. Glass manufacture

G. Ceramic manufacture

H. Cement

I. pharmaceutical

J. Animal feed supplement

K. Concrete additives


Quick lime

Quick lime

Active Lime (Quick Lime): produced by calcinations of Lime Stone in the Rotary kiln with Cao quality exceeds 95%. It contributes in the following industries:


a. Paper

b. Sugar refinery

c. Cement

d. Leather industry

e. Steel Industry


Hydrated lime

Hydrated lime

Hydrated lime: with quality more than 90%. it will be used in the following industries


a. Sewage treatment.

b. Paints and construction.

c. Chemical production.

d. fertilizers